Placing reservations

If you are not already logged in when you try to place a reservation, the system will prompt you to log in. You will need your username and password to place a reservation. If you do not know these please contact the NICS Library.

Items in your search results will have a Place Hold button that you can click to place a reservation for yourself. Where there is no Place Hold button, the item is not available for loan or it is only available electronically and there will be a 'Click here' option in the item details to view the ebook or pdf document. If you wish to consult a reference item please contact us and we can arrange that with you.

You will be prompted to confirm your reservation. We will usually contact you to arrange how to get the book to you.

The system will then confirm if the reservation was successfully placed.

Once you have placed a reservation you will be able to see it listed in your library account. From here you can Cancel, Suspend or Cancel a Suspension by clicking the relevant button.