Searching for items

Searching with limits

Use the "Everything" drop down menu to limit your search to a specific type of publication, such as “eBooks”.

Select author, subject, title, ISBN from the "All fields" drop down menu.

Click on the Advanced search to search for more specific terms such as an exact phrase or to exclude terms from your search. You can apply any combination of limits on your search with additional limits including item type and availability. Click the Advanced search button to run your search.

Sorting search results

You can sort results by publication date (ascending or descending), title, or author. Click the page numbers or arrows to scroll through search results.

Electronic copies

Some of your search results may return ebooks or pdf copies of publications. You can easily download them from your search results by clicking the Electronic Access link, displayed in green text. Ebooks are available from My iLibrary or VLEBooks - please note that you will have to register and then sign in to view an ebook from VLEBooks.

Placing a reservation

Items in your search results will have a place reservation button that you can click to place a reservation on the title.

Cite This

Click the cite this button to view and save the RefWorks citation. You will require a RefWorks account to use this feature which is available to CAFRE students.

Selecting an action

From the Select an Action drop down menu at the top of your results you can place a reservation on items, add items to "My Lists", email or print item information.