Using My Lists

When you find items in searching that you want to keep and organise, print and email you can save them in My Lists.

You can add items to My Lists by using the "Select an Action" drop-down from a list of search results or an item's detail display. To create and add to your own custom lists you must be logged into your library account or your selections will be sent to a Temporary List. Tick the box beside the Select an Action drop down menu to select all the results on a page. If you have more than one page of results that you want to save each page must be added individually.

Click on My Lists on the top right of the screen to view and work with your lists. From here you can print or email a list by going to the drop down menu under Select an Action or if you wish to save a list log in to your library account. If you are logged in you can save a temporary list under a new name. You also have the option to place a reservation on items in your lists.