Ebook Central

Ebook Central is one of the eBook platforms used by the NICS eLibrary Service.


You can access the eBook Central platform from the NICS eLibrary homepage on the right hand side under eBook collections.

Alternatively you can access the eBook platform through a catalogue search.

Select "click here" to access the electronic version of a book. This will direct you to the ebook platform.


You do not need a login to access eBooks on the eBook Central platform.

However you can login to create an account to use features such as the bookshelf.


You can begin a new search from wherever you are in eBook Central. Just look for the Search box at the top of the page or the Search link in the global navigation. You can also carry out an Advanced search or Browse subjects.

You will see a list of results which you can refine further. There will be more information about each book, including whether it is "Available", "Available on request" or "In use". You can read the book online, see the table of contents, download it or add it to your bookshelf.


Your bookshelf in eBook Central keeps track of your downloads, loans, saved and annotated books, and lets you share them with others.

Read Online

The default view on the eBook Central Reader includes an expandable table of contents, a Search within feature, relevancy ranked search terms by chapter and a navigation tool bar.

Book Annotations

You need to login in to eBook Central to create notes. The Annotations pane contains all highlights, notes and bookmarks in a book, arranged by page and type.

More information on using eBook Central is available from their online guide:

Ebook Central user guide

Please contact a member of the NICS library team if you require training or assistance nicslibrary@finance-ni.gov.uk